Wanted to try and make the picture I got from Lark’s request stream a little more true to character and practice some of my Photoshop skills. I think it worked out okay. Thank you again so much for the art :D



Cute lil’ doggie from the stream.
I took some artistic liberty.

Wow, this came out so good :D The blonde is new though but I don’t blame you for not doing the rainbow x3

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Emergency Sketch Commission for MonkeyCarlo and Terra-Aquis

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Day 10: Grass- As a general rule, I start with the water type starter in every playthrough I do of my first game in that generation and then I pick my favorite of the other two starters. Snivy was one of the few grass types that I had a really tough time not picking my first go around because of how much I liked Serperior’s design.

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Day 8: Flying- There are so many flying types out there and usually, the first bird pokemon I come across in a game becomes my designated HM 02 bitch but I actually didn’t use Fletchling this time around until late game. Gale Wings Talonflame is an absolute monster in the Battle Maison. Priority Brave Birds anyone?

Day 9: Ghost- I’ve loved Froslass’s design ever since I saw her. I am a big fan of kimonos in general and to have a pokemon dressed in one made me so happy.


Day 7: Fire- There were a few candidates up for this one and I nearly saved Chandelure for my Ghost day but I have something else in mind for that already. I really like how this came out. I think it really makes it look like its lit up~

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Day 4: Electric- Rotom has always been a curious little pokemon to me that I’ve always enjoyed the design of (even if it is being a sneaky little shit and never appearing for me on Tuesdays…) I’ve always pictured them finding little electrical baubles people throw away and giving them new life, literally.

Day 5: Fairy- Honestly, before this generation, I never really liked Mawile but ever since I’ve started using it and its mega form, it’s really begun to grow on me, especially since it’s mega form is an absolute beast of a physical attacker. You don’t mess with a Play Rough from a Mega Mawile.

Day 6: Fighting- Mienshao has been one of my top favorite fighting pokemon for a long time now. Something about the image of it flying through the air as it goes for a jump kick, whipping its sleeves around all dramatically just fits perfect in my head. Just don’t interrupt their training…


Day 3: Dragon

I’m betting there’s going to be a lot of Goodras today from what I’ve seen around already but I’d say it’s definitely become one of my favorite dragon types. It’s got such a nice design and I just love the concept of a big gooey dragon being a sweetheart and giving trainers big, slimy hugs. Most of the other dragons in the series are typical ferocious dragons so its nice to see a friendly one for a change :3 Tried to add a bit more of a background and shading on this. I always imagine Goodras living in swampy marshes since they like the wet weather. I’m not the best at background stuff so I hope it comes across okay x3

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Gonna be trying to do the December pokedex challenge to get me re-motivated into drawing and since I started a day late, I went back and did yesterday’s type, too. Bug isn’t a type that I tend to use a lot in my parties but in all four of the Gen V games, Galvantula was a must-have for my team. It might not be the strongest around when compared to things like Scizor, Pinsir and Heracross but having only a single weakness (Rock) was always a plus in my book. Plus, in X and Y it learns Sticky Web so it’s good for setting up your other teammates by slowing enemies down.

Deino and its evolutions also took over both my favorite Dark and Dragon types when Gen V rolled around. Something about the design just really struck me as awesome and Hydreigon is a pretty solid team member all around. The only downside was that you could never catch one until the very end of the game, just like the other big, bad dragons of previous generations.

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*Does best Kermit the Frog Impersonation*

It’s the Cover My Furry Butt! Tumblr Giveaway Yayyyyyayyyayy!

*Flails arms*


~ 1st Place will receive :

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2. Your choice of the above avis from The Arcade Event, 1 from each maker. The ORANGE CIRCLED avis are what I have available to pick from!

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The Rules!

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